Student Council

The Student Council is made up of students selected by their classes. The student council in 2016 has 28 students represented from Year 1 to Year 6. The Student Council meets every  week. They develop skills in leadership, team work, public speaking, event management, communication and consultation as they plan and coordinate school events for students.

Class Trips

We can create powerful, authentic learning experiences outside of the classroom. Because of this we have invested in two school vans, which are used frequently by staff, parents, and students across the school. Children going on trips are given a special newsletter that includes details about trips, sports fixtures, or cultural events.

Parents/caregivers are asked to return permission slips for these events. We ask you to keep the top portion of the newsletter so you are aware of the details of the event.


Strategic Games

One of the ways in which strategic thinking can be developed is through students playing strategic games. Students that demonstrate strategic / mathematical / analytical skills will be selected to develop their thinking further using a range of sophisticated strategic games.

Philosophy for Children

Groups of students from across the school, who are creative, agile thinkers, will work with teachers trained in facilitating the “Philosophy for Children” programme. Students will engage in a range of exciting discussions to enhance their meta-cognitive (thinking about thinking) skills.