We believe communication between home and school is extremely important. We encourage parents to contact teachers or staff with any concerns or queries. If you are new to our community we have parents who are part of our ‘Friends of Flanshaw’ organization who are more than willing to take time to have a coffee and make sure you have all the information you need. Teachers are also more than happy to meet with you, either before or after school. We ask that you make a time to meet with them, just in case they have prior commitments to attend.

Making times to meet

In addition to these interviews we welcome any further opportunities to discuss any queries or concerns you have relating to your children. As teachers are not normally able to leave their classes during class time and to ensure that your discussions are not interrupted, we ask that you make an appointment with the relevant teacher. The Senior Teacher for your child’s area of the school is also available, and the Principal is always keen to meet with parents. Again, please ring to make an appointment.

School newsletter

A school newsletter is sent home to parents and caregivers every Thursday. This newsletter reports on events that have taken place and also informs adults and children of events that are coming up. A calendar of events is included with each newsletter. This newsletter can also be found on our website (right hand side column) for download.


Children at Flanshaw Road are expected to undertake activities at home to support their studies at school. For the last three years, 75% of parents (in Annual Community Surveys) have stated they believe homework to be an important part of school life that they value.

Homework is set at Flanshaw Road School to:

  1. Practise, revisit and reinforce classroom learning,
  2. Develop key competencies in literacy, numeracy and thinking skills and to;
  3. Develop students’ ownership of, and responsibility for, their learning.

We hope that homework will also help you, the parents, gain some understanding as to what your child is learning.

Reporting to Parents / Progress & Achievement

An initial Meet the Teacher / Family Fun Night is held in Week 4 of Term 1. This is an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and other families in your child’s class. Teachers share general information and answer any questions parents have.

Parent/Teacher/Student interviews are held towards the end of Term One. At this interview progress and achievement information in reading, writing and mathematics is shared. This is an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to set goals for Term 2.

Student-led Conferences take place at the end of Term 2. Students share information about their progress and achievement in a range of curriculum areas, using samples of work and demonstrations of skills. Parents are welcome to make appointments to see their child’s teacher after the Student-led Conferences, if they have specific queries or concerns.

Student Portfolios containing information about the academic, social and personal development of your child are sent home in Terms 2, 3 and 4. They contain work samples, students’ self assessments as well as progress and achievement information compared to national benchmarks.

While these are the formal reporting processes in place, it is hoped that if you have any concerns about your child you will contact your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year. For different reasons some students will require extra support from school and home from time to time. Communication is the key to ensuring your child is well supported in their learning.


We appreciate feedback on both what you feel we are doing well, and what you feel we could improve on. Feedback from our Annual Community Survey conducted at the end of Term 1 each year, is one of our main sources of community feedback. We are continually working towards improving the quality of education we provide. With your input we can do this even better.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions that we could consider to improve systems further, please contact us by sending an e-mail to