Enviro School

Flanshaw Road School has been involved in the Waitakere City Twin Streams Project since 2005 and was selected to become an Enviro School in 2009.

Enviro Schools are focused on:

  1. Creating sustainable communities that nurture people and nature.
  2. Empowering students, so they are actively involved in decisionmaking processes and actions in the development of the whole school environment.
  3. Learning for sustainability to engage our community in physical, social, cultural and political aspects of our local and global environment.
  4. Including Maori perspectives that honour the status of Maori as indigenous people of New Zealand.
  5. Respecting the diversity of people and culture and the richness of cultural traditions that make up our community.

At the end of 2009 Flanshaw Road School gained Bronze Award status from the Enviro-Schools Foundation. This was the result of a range of initiatives, led by students, which included projects such as the development of a native plant nature trail. Every student in the school helped plant over 1000 trees and shrubs along a track which was created by parents of the school. In 2010 the Student Enviro Team won an Ecowise Community Award for student leadership in enironment. In 2011 the school gained the Auckland City Gold status in the Travelwise program. Flanshaw Road School is committed to developing environmentally aware students’ and modelling eco-friendly and responsible practices and actions. In 2012 Flanshaw gained the Silver Award and in 2013, Flanshaw gained the Green Gold Award.