Flanshaw Road School is a student-centred, culturally rich school. The school was 50 years old in 2014 and one of the key projects completed in time for the Jubilee was the Pou, a beautifully carved totara, which can be seen from the front school gate. Carvings on the Pou depict Tiriwa, the spiritual guardian of the local iwi Kawerau-a-maki and three guardians of the Manukau, the Waitemata and the land of West Auckland.

Flanshaw Road School has a range of facilities which are enjoyed by many groups that make up the local community. Students have been involved in developing the school grounds through Enviro projects, such as the planting of a nature trail, the development of the school playgrounds and gardens, as well as the various artworks that can be found around the grounds.

The Flanshaw Infant and Toddler Centre is adjacent to the school and the Flanshaw Early Childhood Centre is located on the school site. We have strong transition programmes in place to support New Entrant students as they transition to school, as well as induction programmes for new students and transition programmes to support our Year 6 students as they move on to Intermediate school.

Our students rate our school and our teachers extremely highly in the NZCER 'Me and My School' student engagement survey, the results of which reflect the quality of relationships Flanshaw teachers work to establish, develop and nurture with students and their families.

Demographic Information:

Flanshaw Road School has students from a range of cultural backgrounds. Currently 35% of our students are New Zealand European, 20% are of Maori descent, 25% are of Pacific Island descent, 15% of our students are Asian, the remaining 5% represent a range of countries from Europe, Africa and South America.

Most of our students have been born in New Zealand and are from English-speaking backgrounds. We encourage families to support their children to retain their first language, as this helps them develop their understanding of English as a second language.

Our Core Values:

The school’s Mission Statement is

  • To develop the foundation skills and create opportunities for students to develop all their talents (academic, social, physical, cultural) so they become confident, connected, actively involved, successful life-long learners.
  • To support the development of a safe, secure, inclusive environment that promotes high expectations and aspirations for ALL learners – students, staff, community

At Flanshaw Road School we want our students to leave our school as confident, multi-talented and academically successful learners. Our teachers are dedicated, energetic, skilled practitioners who are committed to supporting every child to achieve. Programming is strong across the school – in Literacy, Mathematics, Inquiry-based Learning, the Arts and Health and Physical Education. We look to create exciting, "hands on", authentic learning experiences that will motivate and engage students in learning, now and in the future.


To support our “at-risk” students we provide in-class support, one-to-one support and withdrawal group programmes for identified students. We work closely with a range of education agencies in developing Individual Education Plans for students with special needs. Children who have English as a second language have regular lessons, in small groups, with a trained English Second Language teacher. Pastoral care of all our “at-risk” learners is monitored by the Special Needs Team to ensure all our students feel happy, safe and supported in their learning.

We also have a Gifted and Talented Education Programme that operates within classroom programmes, through modules across the school and special projects that involve a range of tutors from within and beyond the school.

Since 2009 Flanshaw Road School has been an Enviro-School. In 2009 we gain a Bronze award and in 2011 we became a Silver Enviro-School. As we have continued to develop capacity in sustainable eco-practices in 2013 we will be aiming to become an Enviro Green-Gold school.