Tena koutou, Talofa, Bula Vinaka, Namaste, Bonjour and Hello!
Welcome to Karaka's new webpage, if you want to know a little more about our teacher, he has written a biog at the bottom of this page.

 Welcome back to a long but enjoyable, busy term.

We hope you had a great holiday.  Get ready for a full-on term

Absent: Alessandro

Karaka T2.



Topics for this Term


This term we will be looking at the following…………



Descriptive writing


Extending vocabulary







HAUORA Pubertal Changes.


There are nine weeks to the term and in the last week, Flanshaw will be holding a production at Trusts Stadium. 

As usual, we will be using as much of our everyday learning in our items as possible and encouraging children to create and produce the items. 

This term we will also be teaching the following…..


The senior school prep Programme is now in its ninth year.  It resulted from concerned parents who were worried that their child would not cope with Intermediate.  We wanted to help.

Year 5 students will be learning about leadership skills and what the expectations are of a future Year 6.

Year 6 students will be learning skills to assist them with going to Intermediate.


We have camp coming up in Term 4.

We will be prepping for this so that students extract maximum value on the days.


We have been looking at Flight this year and this term will be using our new found knowledge to investigate the effects of flight over the past hundred years and our lives today. 


We have some exciting Interschool Sport Days coming up this term and students involved will be training hard toward these events. Upcoming Activities include:

Te Atatu Cluster Sport……….

Rugby, netball and swimming.

Book week

Coming up in week 4, Flanshaw will be holding a BOOK WEEK.

This is where students will be exposed to different types of books and really promoting the fact that reading is cool.

Part of this event is when we dress up as a book character.  This will give you a heads up to think of a character and dress up in Week 4.



If you would like to email any of the senior classes, here are the following…





so don’t forget to drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have also established a new school website, we have a class page on this website so hopefully you will be able to see some of your child’s published work. The website address is www.flanshawroad.school.nz

This term we have Gym kids coming in to teach us about gymnastics, karaka will start in week 5 i session a week, for four weeks.

Mr Patel runs homework class after school from 3:00 - 3:30, Monday - Thursdays in Karaka Class.


I’m Greg Patel, the teacher in Karaka Class. I have been here at Flanshaw for about ten years now, the last nine in a classroom and I need to say that the students here are the greatest.

I was born in Dunedin and spent time their with relatives, over the years, even though my parents moved us to Pukekohe a mere year after my birth(yes, roads were tarsealed in those days).

I have been a teacher since 1980 but have also managed to weave a career as an entertainer in as well. I live on a goat farm with my beautiful, talented, intelligent wife and our helpful son Glenn in the leafy suburb of Massey.

As usual, Karaka is jam packed with wonderful students, with a variety of talents and skills. We have already planned a great year of fun learning.

If you would like to talk about how your child is doing, or would like to offer to help in any way, please feel free to drop in before or after school, send a note, or e-mail me: greg@flanshawroad.school.nz

Ka ki te