Fakaalofa lahi atu. Ko e higoa haaku ko Mericia Chang. Faitaane au kia Nigel ti toko fa e fanau ha maua. Ko e matua taane haku ko Manatoa Tavelia, ko e matua fifiane ko Meletuione Tavelia. Tupu mai au he maaga ko Tamakautoga, ka e fanau au hinai i Niu Silani he maaga ko Okalana. Fakaue lahi. Monuina mai he Atua.

Welcome to 2017!  I am Mericia Chang, teacher of Kauri Class.  I am married to Nigel and have four children - all of who have been through, and are currently attending Flanshaw Road School.  

Things that matter to me (in a nutshell) as a teacher include the following:

  • Students feeling safe, comfortable and are able to express and be themselves in class.  Therefore getting to know each student quickly is generally a focus at the beginning of the year.  A sense of belonging is vital in students learning journey, so creating a safe and positive environment is essential to allow students to be able to explore their own learning styles and be able to understand, and accept how others learn.
  • I expect students to have confidence in who they are, know (or learn) something about their cultural background, and learn to accept others for who they are.  Therefore my role as teacher is to cater for all student's different learning styles and needs.  Providing lots of examples to exemplify the Key Competencies (Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Thinking and Using Language, Text and Symbols) is imperative to teaching skills needed in later years of school and life skills in general.
  • I have high expectations of ALL students (just as i do with my own children and myself).  Therefore pushing, motivating and encouraging students to reach their potential is something I strongly believe in.  Pono (Self Belief) and Mana Motuhake (aiming high) enables students to achieve and succeed anything they put their mind to.
  • Practising what is learnt in class is important in the student learning process, just as trainings are important when playing sport.  People have their own opinions on homework, but at the end of the day it all depends on how important it is for students to gain knowledge and maintaining that knowledge later on in life.  For me, getting around homework issues or barriers is always an achievement I discuss with students in order to establish good study and work habits.
In addition, my family and life outside teaching also play a major role and influence me as a teacher.  I try my best to juggle these roles but often they can become blurred lines at times.  But such is life of a full-time working mother - a role that many parents battle.  However, I too am a learner and my role as a teacher, team leader and all my other responsibilites are constant work in progress.
So now you know a bit more about me, I look forward to getting to know your child/ren and yourselves throughout the year.  We have family fun night, where i get to meet you all in week 4 this term and Goal Setting Meetings at the end of the term.  If you have any concerns or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via email mericia@flanshawroad.school.nz or come in for a chat.  My door is always open.
Here are a few pics of my busy world...  people who motivate my life...