At Flanshaw Road School, we value strong Home - School partnerships. 

Research shows that, “deliberately nurtured school-whanau relationships help learners achieve success.” (Ministry of Education)

There are lots of opportunities throughout the year for whanau to find out about their child’s progress and achievement.

One way is by attending Mutukaroa Meetings during the Junior School years.When your child turns 5, 5½, 6 and 7 years, you will be invited to meet with Nicola Hubble, our Community Learning and Support Coordinator to share recent assessments. Time is spent explaining what your child can do and what he/she needs to learn next. Fun activities and games are given to support learning at home. This helps students and families enjoy the best possible start to school in the early years.

Parent feedback about these ‘learning conversations’ and the resources provided have been very positive and we want every family to benefit from them.

Nicola will contact you around your child’s milestones to arrange a time to meet with you.

Nicola Hubble

Community Learning and

Support Coordinator

Ph 8347224


Miro Room (opposite the Junior Playground)


Did you know…? 

Another aspect of Nicola’s role is pastoral care. This can mean supporting to find solutions to a problem or simply to lend a confidential listening ear. Children and adults are welcome to meet and talk about any concerns.

Please feel free to contact her.