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We'd like to take this time to thank our sponsors, your help, effort and sponsorship is much appreciated There is so much that we could not do for our students and staff without you.

To the parents and Friends of Flanshaw, where possible, we would appreciate you supporting our sponsors.

Design, Web & Marketing  


Isatrin (pronounced is-aah-trin) is named after a special someone – Isabella Trinity. She is the director’s daughter and they have been an amazing single-mother-daughter-duo since 2002. Bella attended Flanshaw Primary School and has some very happy memories from her time there.

Sure, the name ‘isatrin’ might be a little hard to say and might encourage your brow to wrinkle up a little when you read it – but once the story is explained, the response is usually an ‘awww’ sound. And ultimately, that is what we’re all about – generating that personal connection.

We provide services is three areas for businesses;

Design: anything that requires graphic design - logos and brands, brochures, profiles and flyers, pens, uniforms right through to vehicle and building signage. If you need to put your logo on it, then we can help!

Web: we design and develop websites for small business through to corporate entities. We use a variety of platforms/software that we try and match to your needs and familiarities.

Content: keeping your website and social media up to date can often fall to the bottom of the to-do list. We source content to update everything and make you look good online. Then we produce online newsletters to send to your customer database so that you can keep in front of your clients and cross-sell.

Visit our website www.isatrin.nz or call Lisa on 09 963 8327.