Flanshaw Road School: ERO 08/08/2014

ERO's findings about the school
How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning - engagement, progress and achievement?

Flanshaw Road School effectively promotes student learning. Students enjoy and engage in the learning process. They benefit from the school’s well delivered broad and relevant curriculum. The school responds to its diverse community and effectively engages parents and families in real partnerships that support children’s learning.

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Flanshaw Road School: The New Zealand Curriculum

National Standards Reporting: December 2014

Overall Results in Reading
Flanshaw Road School results show 74% of our students were working at or above National Standard levels in reading at the end of Term 4.  

Overall Results in Writing
Flanshaw Road School results show 92% of our students are working at or above expected National Standard levels in writing.  

Overall Results in Mathematics
Flanshaw Road School results show 80% of Flanshaw Road School students are working ‘at or above expected levels’ in mathematics.  

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