Ti Kouka

Hello whanau!

This is Ti Kouka Classes wonderful information page. In Ti Kouka class we always try our best and know that sometimes when learning new things we make mistakes and that's okay, because that's how we learn. We also like to have fun with our learning. 

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday break. Thank you for taking the opportunity to come to the Goal Setting Meetings at the end of last term. It was great to be able to meet with you and your child to talk about their learning and next steps. Please remember to send portfolios back as soon as possible so that we can add this term’s information to be used at the end of the term at Student Led Conferences.

Please remember that book bags should be returned each day (no book bag means we can't practise the previous days book or get a new book that day).


Our library day is Tuesday and students need to bring their library bags to take a book home. 

Poetry books should be returned by Thursday.

We have ICT every second Tuesday with Mr Huxford.